Sunday, February 20, 2011


Today I was going through some of my photo files and came upon pictures taken at the Lone Elk Park and the World Bird Sanctuary in Valley Park, MO.  This was a Sunday field trip that Doug Adams and I took.  Lone Elk is a compound where Buffalo and Elk roam freely.  Lone Elk Park is a 546-acre wildlife management area that serves as a preserve for bison, wild turkey, waterfowl, elk, and deer. A little further down the is the World Bird Sanctuary.  This is a hospital for raptors and a safe haven for injured birds of prey or birds who can no longer live in the wild.  Many of the birds are on display roosting in the open where they can be viewed.  On Sundays they perform an educational program and will bring varies raptors to the outdoor theater for demonstrations.  They will even let the birds pose for you.  .this makes for a great educational photo field trip.  This is a picture of a Kestrel.

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  1. I grew up right near that intersection of 44 and 144 -- love Lone Elk! Great photo.